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What is a doula?

​A doula is a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother before, during and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible.

A doula will....
  • Help you labor at home, so you feel comfortable and know when to go to the hospital

  • Provide tips and techniques for your partner to best support you

  • Give you physical support like massaging or warm/cold compress

  • Recommend different labor positions for optimal comfort

  • Give you continuous support while doctors/nurses are not in the room.

and will also...
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Help you with breastfeeding knowledge
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Provide food
Contact your family while you are in labor
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Support you and your partner by helping you create a birth plan
Provide at-home support when you first bring your baby home
Support you during breastfeeding
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About Melissa

My name is Melissa Murray and I am a certified Doula. I have participated in all types of births from natural births in a birth center to hospital births with interventions. I provide a continuous amount of support that makes mothers and their partners feel as comfortable as possible on their big day. I love what I do and believe that a woman’s birth story can and should be a positive story and experience to tell.


Birth Support

  • Two 45 minute Prenatal Meetings- To create a birth plan and coach through birthing positions.

  • On call Birth Doula two weeks prior and post due date.

  • Average of 17 hours ($25/hr) of hands on support through early and active labor.

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Charlie Miraziz (Father)

Like a lot of expecting fathers, I didn’t know what a Doula is and why we need one. It wasn’t until the night my son was born then I realized how invaluable Melissa is. In the midnight confusion of waking up to my wife having contractions, Melissa came over immediately and helped get us to the hospital. She was extremely helpful, keeping track of breathing counts and discussing possibilities with nurses, leaving me free to comfort and support my wife. I can’t imagine not having had Melissa there, and it’s an honor to have had her share such a special moment. I am looking forward to having her there for the next one.

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Nicole Miraziz ( Mother)

Melissa's support and guidance throughout my pregnancy, during labor, and postpartum was invaluable. Her positivity and encouragement was immensely reassuring and she was always an advocate for me, ensuring my birth plan was carried out. I had so much peace of mind while giving birth thanks to Melissa, and I'm so grateful that she was there with me! Melissa has a true passion for moms and being a doula which is so evident through the relationship she creates with you along the way!

Scott Price (Father)

I underestimated how beneficial having Melissa there through labor and delivery process was going to be. She truly was a blessing and tremendous aid to both my wife and I. Melissa was there at all hours when needed, yet still conscious about this being a special time for our family. I’m thankful to have had her in our corner.

Kara Price (Mother)

Living so far away from family, I knew I wanted a doula as a part of my child birthing process. Melissa’s kind and calming presence was exactly what my husband and I needed while bringing our first born into the world. I felt so much peace knowing that she was there not only to support me but also to aid in educating my husband on how he could best support me during labor and delivery. Melissa goes that extra mile to assure the families she supports have everything they need. We love her so much!

Sherod Thurman (Father)

Having Melissa around when my wife gave birth to our daughter was excellent. She was helpful with keeping my wife as relaxed as possible, and allowed us to focus on completing our family.  I couldn’t imagine the experience without Melissa as our doula.

Nicole Gillette (Mother)

Melissa helped make my pregnancy, birth and transition into motherhood beautiful, supported and confident. Melissa has such a beautiful soul. She truly brought a special presence to this life changing journey to my family

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